Properties and advantages    

  • Dissolves rust

  • Protects against rust

  • Lubricates

  • Reduces wear and tear.

  • High reduction of friction.

  • Highly effective moist and water displacement.

  • Penetrates water film - even in wet areas.

  • Does not attract dust or dirt.


Where to use Delta Bike-Oil

  • Where effective lubrication and rust protection are wanted

  • Pedals, crank and gears, etc. (-All moveable parts.)

  • Lubrication of locks

  • Lubrication of wires


Lubrication of wires

DThe ability to penetrate, which assures that moveable parts in this case, wires are fully lubricated from the inside and out, makes Delta Bike Oil a unique lubrication product, especially as The Delta Bike Oil not only lubricates but also protects against rust.


Lubrication of  chains

In this case, the Delta Bike Oil penetration effect creates an impressive surface-strengthening layer  allround.  

Delta Bike Oil is delivered in a box with 20x75 ml. bottles with pointy tip.

*) 310XX FMA (Friction Modifier Additive) binds to the surface and establishes a highly protective film of oil, without altering the tolerance. Furthermore, Delta Bike Oil does not contain any kind of solid particles, heavy metals or Polytetrafluoretylen (Teflon).


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